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The Paradise of Eden Posters is a series of 22 posters that combines Assyrian poetry when it was at its peak of eloquence, with modern minimalistic design, a merging of past and present. The design is simple and clean – it invites the reader and all the color choices are unique for each poster, which makes it easier to differentiate them from each other.

The poem presented on the posters is the second poem on Teaching and Instruction, by Mar Abdisho Bar Brikha (†1318) from his theological poetry collection Paradise of Eden.

Following the order of the Syriac alphabet, the poem is divided into 22 parts. For each letter there are ten lines and each line begins with the same two letters with which it ends. The 12-syllable meter form is employed in this poem.

Paradise of Eden is the poetic title that Mar Abdisho Bar Brikha gave to his famous collection of 50 poems on religious subjects composed in the style known as Maqamat. The purpose of these poems was to demonstrate the beauty, subtlety and superiority of the Syriac language as a means of expression in comparison to similar claims made for the Arabic language. Mar Abdisho clearly demonstrates his profound knowledge of the Syriac language in these highly complex poems.

Mar Abdisho was an Assyrian scholar and bishop (Assyrian Church of the East) of Sinjar and Beth Arbaye of Tur Abdin, before becoming metropolitan bishop of Nisibis and Armenia (ca. 1291). He wrote many works on the Bible, doctrine, canon law, philosophy and science, but unfortunately, few of them have survived. His surviving works include texts on theology, synodal decrees, theological poetry and a metrical catalogue of books.

The first 14 of Mar Abdisho’s poems, including this poem, are translated into English.

Product Information

These posters are made out of metal (the metal poster is mounted with a magnet on the back).

Available in three sizes:

  • 45 x 32cm | 17.72″ x 12.6″ | M
  • 67.5 x 48cm | 26.60″ x 18.90″ | L
  • 90 x 64cm | 35.44″ x 25.20″ | XL

Instructions for Installation

Unfamiliar with metal posters? Watch this video to learn more and how to mount it on your wall:


Also read this information on how to mount the metal poster on the wall, click here.

Buying posters printed on metal is something new to many. Several customers have asked about if and when a magnet is removed from the wall, if there are any signs of it. The printer (Displate) recommends the following:

You can try to remove the magnet from the wall by using, for example, a hair dryer. The glue will warm up and get away from the surface easier.
Please remember that once a magnet is removed from the wall, it cannot be used again. If you need some additional magnets, please advise the printer (Displate) your full shipping details and the number of required magnets. The printer will happily send them to you at their cost.

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