Nineveh Press Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How are the books printed and distributed?

All books are printed as perfect-bound paperback. The books are printed by Nineveh Press partners and distributed globally by Nineveh Press.

What is in the price of a book?

In the price of a book there are printing costs, and author and publisher revenues. Additionally, there are shipping fees.

Are there any discounts and promotions to take advantage of?

Yes, there are. Please check back often, sign up for the newsletter and follow Nineveh Press on social media to take advantage of discounts and promotions.

Additionally, if you become a Nineveh Press Patron there are rewards in the form of free books. (See also next question.)

I am a reseller and I would like to purchase bigger quantities. Are there any resale prices?

Yes, there are resale prices. Please contact me and describe which book(s) you would like to purchase and how many copies.

I am a writer and I have a manuscript that I would like to publish as a book through Nineveh Press.

Obviously, the book has to be about Assyrians and/or relate to Assyrians somehow. Please contact me and we will discuss your book idea and publishing plan.

Except for publishing and distributing books, what other services do you provide?

I always strive to maintain a high and professional level throughout the book production. Therefore, I provide services such as book design, proof reading, editing and translations. For this purpose, I work with different experts depending on what the needs are for the specific book project.

I find your publishing work important and I would like to support you. Is there a way to support?

Yes, in fact, there are several ways to support Nineveh Press. Tell your friends about Nineveh Press and buy a book or two. If you want to contribute with money, you can either make a one-time contribution through PayPal or make monthly pledges through Patreon. You can find all the information about how to support Nineveh Press here.

I work for a media outlet interested in a Nineveh Press book. How can I request a review copy?

Please contact me and I will send you a copy of the book. Please provide information regarding the magazine you are writing for, shipping address and a telephone number.

The book I ordered was damaged when I received it, who can I contact?

For external physical damage to books, please contact us, providing information of the damage with pictures.

There is an error in my book, who can I contact?

It may happen that small errors occur in books. I do apologize for this. Please email me with information regarding the error(s). I will of course send you a new copy free of charge.

Who owns and runs Nineveh Press?

My name is Tomas Beth-Avdalla. I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden but hail from northern Assyria. I have lived in different cities for either studies and/or work. But now I live in Enschede, The Netherlands together with my wife. I enjoy reading, learning new things and improving myself. My highest wish with Nineveh Press is to get Assyrians to learn about their own heritage, culture and history.

I own and run Nineveh Press as part of my own business company, TBA Consulting. My primary work within my company is graphic design, under the brand TBA Form.

Is Nineveh Press on social media?

Yes, you can find and follow Nineveh Press on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to invite your friends to follow as well, and I also appreciate comments, likes and shares of posts. Thanks!

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