Sefro Suryoyo was an Assyrian monthly publication published by the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Aleppo, Syria. It began publication in June 1944 and ceased in December 1949. Its editors were Mansur Shilazi, Danho (Ghattas) Maqdesi Elias and Shukri Daraqji. The publication was in Arabic and Syriac and some of its contributors included Hanna Salman, Fawlos Gabriel, Danho Maqdesi Elias, Abdelmasih Qarabashi, Yuhanon Dolabani, Yuhanon Qashisho, Pawlos Bet Dara, Ishoq bar Armalto, Abrohom Gabriel Sawme, Bulus Behnam and Afrem Beth-Khuroyo. Most of the contributors lived in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq.

The scope of the journal covers history, poetry, philosophy, religion, literary criticism, education, healthcare, upbringing and news. The contributors themselves wrote most of the articles but some are also translations from English and French.

These Nineveh Press editions reproduce all issues in five volumes as facsimile reprints. The original issues used for these reprints come from the private collection of Danho Maqdesi Elias. The journal was later donated to Igreja Sirian Ortodoxa Santa Maria in São Paulo, Brazil. It was made available for reprint by Hanibal Romanos with the help of Peter Sowmy.

• Volume 1 reproduces 12 issues from June 1944 through May 1945. 512 pages. ISBN 978-91-983441-1-0. 6 x 9 in, $34.99. Direct link for purchase here.

• Volume 2 reproduces 12 issues from June 1945 through May 1946. 402 pages. ISBN 978-91-983441-8-9. 6 x 9 in, $29.99. Direct link for purchase here.

• Volume 3 reproduces 12 issues from June 1946 through May 1947. 452 pages. ISBN 978-91-983441-9-6. $31.99. Direct link for purchase here.

• Volume 4 reproduces 12 issues from June 1947 through May 1948. 438 pages. ISBN 978-91-984100-2-0. $30.99. Direct link for purchase here.

• Volume 5 reproduces 12 issues from June 1948 through December 1949. 486 pages. ISBN 978-91-984100-3-7. $33.99. Direct link for purchase here.


TITLE: The Journal of Sefro Suryoyo | PUBLISHED BY: Nineveh Press | PRINTED BY: Lulu, Raleigh, NC, USA  6 x 9 in (15,2 cm x 22,9 cm) | PUBLICATION DATE: September 2017 | INTERIOR INK: Color

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