Science is the Salt of the Soul (metal, portrait)


A poster with the Assyrian prover ‘Science is the Salt of the Soul’, ܝܘܠܦܢܐ ܡܠܚܐ ܗ̄ܘ ܕܢܦܫܐ by Saint Isaac of Antioch (fl. 5th cent.). A statement in any room. This poster is made out of metal (the metal poster is mounted with a magnet on the back).

Available in three sizes:

  • 45 x 32cm or 17.72″ x 12.6″ (M)
  • 67.5 x 48cm or 26.60″ x 18.90″ (L)
  • 90 x 64cm or 35.44″ x 25.20″ (XL)

Design by Tomas Beth-Avdalla.

You can read all of Saint Isaac of Antioch’s original writings here.

Unfamiliar with metal posters? Watch this video to learn more and how to mount it on your wall:


Buying posters printed on metal is something new to many. Several customers have asked about if and when a magnet is removed from the wall, if there are any signs of it. The printer recommends the following:

You can try to remove the magnet from the wall by using, for example, a hair dryer. The glue will warm up and get away from the surface easier.
Please remember that once a magnet is removed from the wall, it cannot be used again. If you need some additional magnets, please advise the printer (Displate) your full shipping details and the number of required magnets. The printer will happily send them to you at their cost.

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