The Imitation of Christ


By Thomas à Kempis

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Paul Bedjan (1838–1920) was born in Khosrova in Salamas (north of Urmia) in Persia where he was educated at a school established by French Lazarists. In 1856 at the age of 18, Bedjan went to Paris to enter as a novice in the Lazarist order, where he was ordained a priest in 1861 and returned to Persia. Following his work as a missionary among his own people in Urmia and Khosrova until the year 1880, he returned to Paris to pursue a career in editing and publishing books in Syriac and Eastern Assyrian until 1885. Bedjan then became head of the Sisters of Charity in Ans lez-Liège in Belgium for fifteen years. Between 1902 and his death in 1920, he lived in Köln-Nippes (Germany), where he devoted much of his time to writing.

Of his works, the seven edited volumes of Lives of saints and martyrs and the five volumes of verse-homilies of Jacob of Serugh are the most significant.

This book, which is a translation (from Latin) of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis, is Bedjan’s first book in Eastern Assyrian to be printed in Europe.

Note that this book is in the Eastern Assyrian language.

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