One Hundred Fables of Mar Thomas Audo Book 1


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The One Hundred Fables of Mar Thomas Audo, the Bishop of Urmia, all in poetry, were first published in 1909. He had translated a selection of the Fables of the famous French poet: De La Fontaine from the French language. According to his introduction, this was the first book published in the Assyrian vernacular dialect of Urmia. His aim was to prepare a book that could be taught in Assyrian schools so that young Assyrians could learn their mother tongue as well as poetry. He believed that fables are more interesting and amusing, while at the same time they can teach wisdom and insight into good and harmful behavior. Then in 1956, the collection was reprinted by Bishop Touma Bet Mar Youkhanan to commemorate the memory of the great martyr: Mar Thomas Audo, who during WWI was brutally killed by the Muslims along with thousands of other innocent Assyrians. This new edition is prepared in four volumes, in large Assyrian alphabet and is adorned by colorful drawings to attract young Assyrian children. Here is the first volume of the series.

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Publisher: Madeleine Davis
By: Mar Thomas Audo 

Interior Color: Color
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 8,5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm
Page Count: 134
Language: Easter Assyrian

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