The Assyrians – Fifty Years in Sweden


By Svante Lundgren

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In the spring of 1967 the first group of Assyrians came to Sweden. During the fifty years since then, the Assyrian community has grown steadily and is today one of the largest immigrant groups in Sweden. Many of them are born in Sweden and are fully integrated Swedish citizens. Others have come recently because of the continued persecution they suffer in their homelands.

This book describes how the Assyrians arrived in Sweden, how they established churches and organizations, how the lively debate went about their right to stay in the country, how they achieved as entrepreneurs and in soccer, and how their relationship with Swedish society has changed over the years. The book also features a number of interviews, giving a variety of Swedish Assyrians the chance to tell us directly of their experiences of what it is like to live in Sweden.   


Svante Lundgren, ThD, is a researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University.


This book is a translation of the Swedish original of ‘Assyrierna – Femtio år i Sverige‘, by Svante Lundgren, which was published by Nineveh Press in December 2017.

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